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Northside & HAMCO MIBOR ‘Sell Your Cities; What’s on the Horizon for 2019?’

This ever-popular event did not disappoint again this year. Packed house, per usual! This is a great function to gain awareness and insight into on-going and future projects (and more) from our top community leaders!

Steve Collier, Mayor of Lawrence

John Distlear, Mayor of Noblesville

James Brainard, Mayor of Carmel

Todd Burton, Chief of Staff for Westfield

Scott Fadness, Mayor of Fishers

Angela Smith Jones, Deputy Mayor of Economic Development, Indianapolis

Fishers $140M project (originally a $40M project), The Yard, coming to us in Fall 2019! This highly anticipated culinary experience will be located on 116th St across from Top Golf! Can’t wait!

Indy just passed a $120M bond for infrastructure! Yay to fixing our roads! The White River Commission is another focus of note, reactivating our waterways and connecting counties. Go to mywhiteriver.com for info and updates. Project Create Indy will provide ‘creative talent’ a venue and funding to elevate their medium. There is a huge effort to reinvest in Indy’s neighborhoods. As Deputy Mayor, Angela Smith Jones, says “Downtown Indianapolis is everyone’s neighborhood.”

Lawrence has been recognized by the GFOA for budget excellence for the second year in a row. Projecting 700 new homes in Lawrence over the next few years?! Surprising fun-fact…there are 25-30 tech-based companies that are located within Fort Ben. Cool!

“We work hard to keep that small town feel,” claims Noblesville’s Mayor, John Distlear. Noblesville’s first ever parking garage was just approved in their downtown area, to help with growing parking needs. The new Embassy Suites touts 20,000 sq ft of convention space!

Westfield’s review, presented with high enthusiasm by Todd Burton, is now in its’ 10th year of being recognized as a ‘city!’ So much growth continues to build in this community, with the newly added Colts Training Camp and the upcoming excitement of the Global Headquarters for Toyota, a new YMCA on the horizon, a Riverview Hospital campus under construction, and much more!

The continuing theme and emphasis among ALL communities was and is that “without a strong downtown Indianapolis core, we all suffer. We are much better together than we are apart! Failure is not an option.” (Westfield’s Chief of Staff, Todd Burton). Connection is key, as will be exemplified in our trail systems that will stretch from the Cultural and Monon Trails in downtown Indy all the way up to Sheridan, IN with connecting paths along the Nickel Plate Trail district in Fishers and Midland Trace Trail in Westfield/Noblesville…all of our area communities will literally be ‘connected.’ The collaboration amongst our area officials was wonderful to witness at this annual function put on my MIBOR. ‘All for one and one for all!’ Instead of the Three Musketeers, let’s cheer for six! Hip Hip Hooray!