Temporary Housing

You probably know that The Stacy Barry Team helps others buy and sell homes, but did you know that Stacy and her husband own an Airbnb in the Carmel-Westfield area, as well?

The decision to own an Airbnb came out of necessity: Stacy had many clients in need of short-term housing but unable to find something to fit their needs. It was a wise investment, as it has stayed very busy and has great reviews. She has also had many realtor friends use it for their clients.

If you or someone you know is looking for an Airbnb, feel free to call Stacy directly for pricing and availability. It’s located right at 146 St. and Carey Rd. area, in the city of Carmel but within Westfield Washington Township, close to shopping, entertainment, and sports venues.

Our team offers many options, from short-term housing to an Airbnb; if you, your client, or someone you know is in need, please reach out. All are centrally located and have received excellent reviews.