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As featured in Indy REAL Producers:

For Stacy Barry, life is lived at 110 percent and at full speed. Still, she had to develop two careers and find the ebb and flow in each to succeed. With over $49 million in sales last year, it appears that Stacy and the Stacy Barry Team have jumped on the train and are forging full speed ahead.

Barry graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Elementary Education and a concentration in reading speciality. She was recruited by a school system in Denver, CO, to teach grades 3-5 in creative writing and to assess the level and abilities of students as an immersion teacher. After a year, Stacy returned home to be closer to her family, and she taught at Noblesville Intermediate School. As she always does, Barry threw herself into her job, working long hours to help students. To maximize her summer, she obtained her real estate license and sold a few homes. The next school year, Stacy worked at the school in job sharing and continued to sell houses.

In time, Barry began to see the wisdom of investing in her work as an agent which would provide so many resources for the rest of her responsibility as a wife and mother. Her first full-time year of 2007, Stacy fondly remembers hauling her son around to listings, closings and other related events. She sold 15 homes, and each year her production has increased. Eventually, she knew that more staff was needed, and now her team of seven continues to perform at a high level.

Stacy loves the marketing side of real estate sales the most along with the opportunity to build relationships. Helping people has always been a staple in her life. She teaches the team to embrace every facet of the process from the selection of a neighborhood lot through the inspection and closing. Barry sees the transaction as an opportunity to make real life connections with others. For her, success is about being happy and making clients happy as well.