Securing your Home

Living in a big city comes with a lot of rewards, but there’s also some risk as well. Therefore, consider securing your new home by installing some security measures:

Things We Think Are Must Have Security Measures (we really want you to do these. pretty please)

1.Rekey all of your door locks. You just never know who still has a key to your new home. Better to be safe than sorry and have a locksmith rekey the existing locks on all of your exterior doors. This is a MUST for all buyers. Our recommended locksmith is Janco Locks (317) 465-1818. They can rekey all of the exterior locks so you only have one key which opens all of your exterior doors. We recommend having at least one deadbolt on all exterior doors. We highly recommend having this done the day you move in or the day after to be safe.
2.Install an alarm system. Our favorite alarm company is Nelson. They are reliable and reasonably priced. We’ve been using them in our own homes for 10+ years and have negotiated a discount on installation for our clients. We strongly recommend having a security system if you’re buying a single family house or a condo below ground, on the first floor or one which has an exterior staircase that people could climb up to get to your unit.
If you have a sliding glass door, buy a thick wooden dowel and keep it in the door track on the floor when the door isn’t open.

Things We Strongly Recommend But Are At Your Discretion

1.If you’re buying a single family home, add a dusk to dawn light over all exterior doors and consider a motion detector on the gangway or garage area. Just search for Dusk to Dawn lights on Home Depot. If you’re buying in a condo building, ask the HOA to add these items if they aren’t already in place in the building.

2.If you are buying a single family home with a garage and the garage has a window, consider putting a curtain or blinds over the window or change the window to frosted or glass block so potential burglars can’t see inside your garage.

Definitely consider doing the above items as soon as you move in. Criminals are known to watch new people moving in to see what kinds of valuables you’re bringing into the home such as TVs, computers, etc.

We know you love your home and we want you to feel safe and secure!