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Have you ever wondered if public schools might not be the right choice for your child?

Check out my latest find.

So many parents are searching for a better “system for their kids.”  Being a past teacher, I struggle to see how the school systems are “progressing.”  There are so many kids who don’t fit into the same box as others.

I was recently invited by a friend/board member to visit, what I believe to be, a true hidden gem – Midwest Academy, right here in Carmel. It was such a cool experience to walk into a calm and non-chaotic building.

I was greeted by a smiling face that led me past the most amazing community Lego wall. Yes, they want you to stop and touch someone else’s work. They want you to move the Legos around and continue to build off of other students’ work.  I was led through the school where students don’t walk in straight lines and there are no desks lined up in rows. The environment is inviting and collaborative. I struggled to find the teacher. They were sitting working with the small group of students in their rooms.

The space is awesome. They have a gym for play, yoga, and even taekwondo. There are woods and a creek and each child keeps a pair of rain boots at the back door so they are always prepared to explore. I was really excited to see the shop area where they have tons of room to work on large projects. An exciting addition: they are getting ready to add an area where you can learn to work on cars.

The halls were full of students’ works and items that were full of texture and ready for the kids to touch.  The staff is highly qualified, and the parents help run the school and have a huge say in the future development. I could go on and on.

Ways this school stood out to me in my visit:

  • Ratio is 9:1.  Yes, only 9 students at most per teacher!
  • Structure of classes based on academic ability instead of traditional “grade levels.”
  • Project based curriculum
  • Provides amazing experiences for their teachers to enrich their lessons
  • Homework is assigned when it is relevant and applicable to concepts students are learning in class. No busy work.
  • If your child has an IEP, they can still be serviced through Carmel Schools, as well.

If your child struggles in school, don’t give up.  There is something out there for you and your family.  Check out this incredible place.