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One look at these works of art, and you’ll fall in love.

The richness of the colors, the depth of the layers – there are so many reasons to be enthralled with this body of work.

Local artist, Lacy Pearson, has always been a creative, but it wasn’t until the birth of her son that she really tapped into her talent and skill. Fast forward twelve years, and she’s selling to aficianados and being commissioned for pieces – and of course she is. Take a look at her work!

“Catalyst” by Lacy Pearson


Growing up in rural Utah, Pearson had little exposure to the arts, but it was this upbringing which lends itself to her hard-working nature and resourcefulness. “When I have an idea I become a bit obsessed with figuring out how to express it.” And it is these expressions that translate so beautifully through her art.

“Catalyst” was one of Pearson’s first pieces, and she, as Pearson affectionately refers to her paintings, holds a special place in Pearson’s heart. As she recalls the bittersweet memory of selling her to a law firm in downtown Indy, she is encouraged knowing that so many people have the opportunity to enjoy this piece, making it all worth it.

“Burning Furiously Beautiful” by Lacy Pearson


Another piece that is near and dear to Pearson’s heart is “Burning Furiously Beautiful,” which is on display at the Indiana State House. However, with this one, Pearson just might decide to keep her all for herself.

At her home in Carmel, Pearson has transformed a bedroom into a studio, where she spends 4-5 days a week painting. Because it’s a lengthy process, she is usually working on several paintings simultaneously.

If you’ve already begun your holiday shopping, consider purchasing one of her handmade items for the art-lover in your life! She makes coasters, ornaments, decorative boxes, and smaller paintings which would all make perfect holiday/housewarming gifts!



High Frequency Arts is a gallery in Fishers “specializes in helping people curate art for their homes and offices. Most people would be surprised to find out how affordable original art can be and High Frequency Arts does a great job finding works that fit a space perfectly,” Pearson told us.

Follow Lacy Pearson on Instagram @lacypearsonart, or her website www.lacypearson.com, where she shares projects and upcoming opportunities to see her work displayed at art shows and public spaces!