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So you’re having trouble selling your home…

What do you do? Give up? Try again next year? Some would argue that this little statue is responsible for selling their home quickly.

There a few variations of how to do it, but here’s the premise: bury the statue, say a prayer, and watch your house sell quickly. After your home sells and the final details are in order, you should remove the statue and take it with you to your new home. As the story goes, if you don’t dig it up, the new owners will not be able to stay long and there will be many tenants in and out of the home–just St. Joseph doing his job.

So what do we think? Is this a legit way to quickly sell your home? Or is it just coincidental luck?

If you’re interested in trying this ritual, you can purchase St. Joseph Home Sale kits on Amazon and give it shot! Let us know what you think!