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“Despite the Coronavirus, Home Prices Are Still Rising—for Now

Home sellers can take heart. Despite the fervent wishes of buyers, home prices are ticking up during this coronavirus crisis—instead of down.

In a surprise, the median home list price rose 1.6% annually in the week ending April 25 compared with the same week a year ago, according to the most recent national data fromRealtor.com® looking at the 99 largest metropolitan areas. Real estate experts have been predicting that price growth would level off or even dip, as prices had been up only 0.3% year over year in the previous week and just 0.8% in the week prior to that.”

Source: Realtor.com® | Clare Trapasso


While social distancing has changed the way we interact with clients and how we show homes, we’re still here & we’re still working. 

With inventory low, now could be a great time to sell! If you’re been considering making a move, let’s chat about your options.