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At this point, you’re probably excited and full of optimism and soon we’ll be doing showings.  Now comes the most important step. Finding the right home. You should be set up on a MLS search already and getting those MLS results regularly.

When the MLS email comes in we need you to:

  1. Check the MLS email daily and review all of the properties we’ve sent you that day.  Mark properties you want to see as Favorites.  Properties you want to think about longer mark as Possibilities. Properties you definitely don’t like mark as Discarded. If you have any questions about a particular property, feel free to simply email us and we will look into it.
  2. If there’s something you love and want to see asap, shoot us a quick email or text and let us know when you’re available and what you want to see. That way we can set up the showing asap. During the current market, it’s typical for homes to sell in 1-2 days so it’s important that you review the MLS email daily so we can jump on a great property as soon as you see it.
  3. Once we know when you’re available, we’ll set up the showings and email you where we are meeting and when.
  4. Remember to wear comfortable slip on shoes for showings as we’ll generally need to take them on and off at each property.
  5. We’ll email you the MLS listing sheets ahead of time so you can look at them on your phone during the showing so no need for you to bring anything other than snacks or drinks if you think you might get hungry.

While you’re looking at the MLS feeds each day we’ll also be networking our contacts to find you homes before they go on the market.

At this point there should be no need for you to continue to look on other sites such as Zillow, Trulia, etc. as all of those properties should be showing up in your MLS feed. If one isn’t for some reason let us know so we can tweak the search parameters of your MLS feed.

Now on to the showings! Let’s go find you a home! Here’s a quick video on what’s next!