East Carmel Initiative

Stacy Barry and Tom Crowley – Our Story

With deep roots and a love of the East side of Carmel, we have teamed up on a fantastic initiative that’s not just about buying and selling homes—it’s a passion project aimed at celebrating and enriching the heart and soul of our community.

You’ve never seen anything like this! We’re transforming homes nestled on expansive lots, shaded by mature trees in the most sought-after neighborhoods, into masterpieces of true craftsmanship. Our commitment to using only the finest materials is unwavering, ensuring that each home is not just a structure, but a sanctuary designed to endure through generations.

But this project is so much more than a series of renovations. It’s a promise of a brighter future for East Carmel. Our mission is heartfelt and impactful: to infuse new vigor into our community, one home at a time. We’re not merely in the business of selling properties; we’re crafting havens for families, fostering a sense of belonging and interconnectedness in every corner of our neighborhood.

You’ll see our names and this project – hyperlocal to East Carmel. If you want to learn more or see if your home would suit this project, we are still actively purchasing homes – so reach out!

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