Claiming your home

What does it mean to claim your home on Zillow? It means finding your house on Zillow, proving that you own the house, and claiming it as yours.

Why do you want to claim your home on Zillow? Well, YOU own it! It’s YOUR stake to claim. Plus it can help your Zestimate be more accurate and help prevent your home from showing up online as part of a rental scam. This is one of those tasks that might sound silly, but it’s actually important and could make a difference when you go to sell your home in the future so take 2 minutes to do it today!

How do you claim your home on Zillow?
1. Join Zillow
2. Type in your address in the Search Field
3. Click on the address on the map, click ‘Correct home facts”
4. Next, you’ll be prompted to verify your ownership of the home.

Problems with claiming your home?
· I don’t see my name on the verification page. Why?
Check the address and make sure you are on the right home — your home.
If you co-own the home, check for the other owner’s name.
Lastly, we might not have your name affiliated with the home. In this case, click “Don’t see your name? Go here” next to the name verification dropdown list. This will take you to a page to enter your name and phone number.
What if someone has already claimed my home?
If it’s an error, no worries, you can dispute it.