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Did you know that Stacy owns and operates her own Airbnb? It’s a beautiful ranch home in Westfield near Grand Park. She also owns and operates a couple longer term leased townhomes in Fishers & Carmel. Stacy loves being an investor and being involved in all realms of the real estate world. She also knows a deal when she see ones! If you are interested in becoming an investor, but you’re hesitant or have any questions, feel free to reach out to Stacy! She loves empowering people to take the leap of faith into investing! Our team will get you set up on an investment property search and we will search relentlessly to find you the best investment properties that fits your criteria! We have even helped some investor clients find their first renter!

If you are ready to take the leap into real estate investing, reach out today! We are so excited to help you grow!