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It’s National Lemonade Day!

We polled our personal lemonade connoisseurs, and we’ve put together a list of their favorite places to get some delicious lemonade in the area!

  1. Chick-fil-a – I mean, come on. You can’t go wrong with a fresh glass of this mouth-watering lemonade! And since it’s summer, we also recommend trying the Frosted Lemonade. You can thank us later.
  2. Penn Station – If you haven’t tried this fresh-squeezed beverage, you’re missing out.
  3. Red Robin – I believe it was specifically the Freckled Lemonade that really resonates with our recommender’s taste buds. Some sweet strawberries never hurt a glass of lemonade.
  4. Tucanos – This is not your average lemonade. This is the famous Brazilian lemonade that will force you to keep drinking even after you’re full and feel like you’re going to burst.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know, so we can add it to our list!